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Happy madness day :)

2016-09-22 14:38:14 by oscarhejde



2015-12-07 13:39:38 by oscarhejde

I'm not dead, I swear :3

Madness day 2014, I`m ready!

2014-09-19 15:05:33 by oscarhejde



2014-05-31 05:27:10 by oscarhejde

Hello everyone, time for some news from me:

Madness Virus 2 is 80 % done.

Madness Apple 4 is 50-60 % done.

some bad News is that i can`t animat on a week or two

because i just got a tattoo and it`s below my arm so i need 

to have my arm in the air all the time :l 

it`s swollen so i don`t take`s any risks...


MV 2 and MA 4 in work

2014-05-11 07:41:06 by oscarhejde

3517124_139980795032_1445291.jpg Here is a pic from Madness Virus 2, It`s like 60-70 % done and i will try to be done with it into madness day.







not the best pic`s i know :D


3517124_139980813512_1311481.jpgAnd here is a pic from Madness Apple 4 i was starting animat on it for a day ago and it`s allready like 5-10 % done i will try to be done with it to the summer so i can be done with Madness Virus 2 to madness day.

The Short Madness 1

2014-05-10 05:54:46 by oscarhejde

My new movie is on newgrounds now. Link:

also a Link to the song:

Madness Movie

2014-05-09 09:15:41 by oscarhejde

I have done a new madness movie it`s not so long but it`s something.

It is like 98-99 % done just some sounds and some small stuff left.


edit: The song for the movie is done.

Link to song:


flash 8

2014-01-24 15:07:34 by oscarhejde

hello everyone :)

My memory on flash 8 is full... what should i do ??

should i delete some old stuff or what ??

I will take a break from madness apple a while and i will fokus on more real madness. I`m coming to make madness virus 2 to madness day i hope so... if not earlier. i`m coming to perhaps make madness apple 4 to. i can promise that madness virus 2 will be much better then madness virus 1.

i was trying to upload an pic off madness virus 2 but i can`t, sry...

Merry Christmas :)

2013-12-19 11:29:08 by oscarhejde

I`m done with madness apple 3 so i will upload it on Christmas Eve (24 December) so Merry Christmas and a happy new year :). 


update: Madness Apple 3 is out: