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MV 2 and MA 4 in work

2014-05-11 07:41:06 by oscarhejde

3517124_139980795032_1445291.jpg Here is a pic from Madness Virus 2, It`s like 60-70 % done and i will try to be done with it into madness day.







not the best pic`s i know :D


3517124_139980813512_1311481.jpgAnd here is a pic from Madness Apple 4 i was starting animat on it for a day ago and it`s allready like 5-10 % done i will try to be done with it to the summer so i can be done with Madness Virus 2 to madness day.


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2014-05-11 08:01:49

Don't stop, beacuse you rock!

oscarhejde responds:

You know how to make me smile, thank you :)


2014-05-11 09:18:31

Hey man. Nice series, but the pictures. You don't need to take a picture just take a screenshot and crop/cut it into shape. And the pictures for the series of episodes. Make your own. I'm not trying to be rude, but giving you tips to help.

oscarhejde responds:

Hey you. thank you, yes i know it`s better to take a screenshot and cut it, why i haven`t done it is a mystery. I`m maybe just lazy... :3